What is design thinking?

A business-oriented problem-solving method that aims to maximize your profits, while ensuring consistent and authentic performance and minimizing failure. This method uses responsiveness to understand users’ requirements, while exploring and managing the design process in three complementary, cyclical stages to achieve optimal results:

Pre-Design (Evaluate) > Design Process (Design) > Post-Design (Validate)

What is a Biomimetic Approach?

The approach focuses on applying biological design principles by learning from, imitating and being inspired by nature solutions, which serve as a model, teacher, and qualitative indicator for the design implementation.

Example: Innovative glue, inspired by the adhesive action of geckos’ toepads, which can rapidly attach and detach.

Design Thinking (Study Cases)

Design Thinking Training:
Food Storage That Prolongs Shelf Life

Client: Librus design firm

Objective: Training in Re-thinking – How to find a solution for a smart food storage via  in-depth ideation utilizing design-thinking tool to increase inventive thinking

Innovative Areas: Detecting new ideas & opportunities of user requirements and scenarios

Challenge: The challenge was to create a new design concepts for an existing prototype of a smart refrigerator containing an electric vacuum drawer with a latex mold, which preserves contents by creating an oxygen-free space

Solution: Be-weiss offered to explore the prototype applying the Automatic thinking tool. The Senior product designers utilized the thinking tool, in rethinking; formulating a new design strategy to improve future product performance

Results: The designers presented deep thinking and analytical abilities in exploring variety of usage scenarios, by bringing hidden connections to the surface and promoting inspiring concepts through Design By Analog method, offering significant added value in the product design strategy & sustainable design management. During the creation of the design brief, the tool served as a thought framework, forcing the designer to consider a wide range of product aspects, encouraged reaching beyond the usual analogy spectrum to delve into the finer details, generate new varied and diverse concepts

Product Development & Design:
Baby Bath Ring with a Dual Safety System

Client: Kidskit & Ill Rotho (Brands whom specializing in the production and marketing nursery babies product)

Objective: Formulating a design strategy and executing the development & design process that focused on product performance by optimizing safety scenarios and user requirements

Innovative Areas: Ergonomic design suited for babies’ bath in terms of safety and ease of use

Challenge: Development and design of a baby bath seat that applies to strict international safety standards

Solution: Be-weiss was leading the Project design Management, which included: product characterization, Safety Standards, Market Research for user requirements and scenario, Ergonomic design for optimal use

Technology: Plastic injection molding

Design Research:
Validating Post Design Effectivity

Client: Test Group of Product Designers with different cultural, seniority level and professional background

Objective: Evaluation & Evolution examination of research results through quantitative and qualitative research in order to verify and optimize tool performance

Innovative Areas: Development of a Design Thinking tool, utilizing Biomimetic Principles and driven by TRIZ ideality strategies

Professional designers tend to:

  • Skip the stage of idea expansion (the “WHAT”) and rush into a specific design solution (the “HOW”).
  • Defining the HOW at the beginning of the brief, often leads to narrowing down the possibilities for additional solutions. Hence, applying the WHAT enriches the HOW, and generates the most effective solutions

The biomimetic approach is a part of nature’s design strategy, emulating nature’s solutions, processes and strategy from a holistic, sustainable perspective. Thus, combining these approaches can produce a conceptual paradigm for problem solving

Solution: Be-weiss offered to explore diverse design challenges by applying the Automatic thinking tool, which offers focus on the WHAT analysis level in order to enhance the HOW

Results: 84.3% of the test group participants answered positively when asked if they experienced an increase in their performance level after using the Design thinking tool during the ideation stage.

The most prominent conclusions were:

  1. Helps to cope with designers’ mind fixations.
  2. Sharpens designer’s cognitive skills and the ability to delve into the finer details.
  3. Deepens and broadens the analytic and convergence thinking.
  4. A compass for effective use of the available resources and raises the level of idealistic outcomes.
  5. Functioning as a booster to the “HOW”.


Start Up-Baby Sensor
Hexagon Metrology-MWL
Kids Kit & Ill Rotho-Baby Bath Ring
Cottage Plastic Ltd-Sandwich Box
3 in 1-Squatting Potty
MUV-Home Interactive Multimedia System
Keter Outstanding-Outdoor Storage plastic solutions
Halilit-Musical toys for early childhood
Emdat maftheh-Brand DNA & Design
Plastiv-Crema Body lotion
Camero Tech-Xaver™ 400
BrightView Systems-WAM
Cottage Plastic Ltd-Salad Spinner
Tuttnauer-Washer 610
Kids Kit-Booster 2 go
Fairland New DNA
Mego Afek AC-MA&AC home edition
AMC- Baby carriage
  • Due to my unique expertise in the field of inventive & innovative thinking in product design, I was chosen to be a consultant for Ma’of – the agency for small to medium businesses in the Ministry of Economy.
    A subsidized consultation is available. For more details please contact: alon@be-weiss.com

We Offer:

  • Product Development and Design & Service via Design Thinking Approach and Biomimetic Tool.
    *We also offer our service for each integral Design stage separately
  • Design Education:
    Training, lectures and workshops in inventive thinking

We Offer:

  • Product Development and Design & Service via Design Thinking Approach and Biomimetic Tool.
    *We also offer our service for each integral Design stage separately
  • Design Education:
    Training, lectures and workshops in inventive thinking

Dr. Alon Weiss:

Director of multi-disciplinary Product Development and Design Processes.  Guides companies towards innovation and leading projects from the initial idea stage, through an effective brief, until implementation.

An Academic Educator focusing on implementing Design Thinking processes to reinforce the design process.

Studied at the Istituto Europe di Design, Milani Italy. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven Netherlands and holds a Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.

Be-Weiss was founded to adjust and optimize the design process and ensure an innovative and advanced solution.

During the brief definition and ideation stage, we will guide you toward innovation, by using advanced biomimetic inspiration sources to promote inventive thinking.

During the brief definition and ideation stage, we guide toward innovation via advanced biomimetic inspiration sources to promote inventive thinking.

Our approach assures design process optimization, resources saving and generating a competitive advantage:

  • Rethinking how to solve the problem and identifying opportunities
  • Mapping key project milestones and reducing uncertainties
  • Finding the ultimate technology to create an innovative & exceptional design

Who are we?

A biomimetic design thinking experts utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, we draw on multifaceted experience with academic knowledge and in-depth research in product development and design.

Our approach merges Design Thinking and a Unique Biomimetic Tool based on doctoral research, which can enhance the entire design process to achieve better results.

What do we do?

We offer you pro-active project guidance, which will complement and enhance the standard product design process.

Our unique quality is our focus on locating innovative, smart and sustainable solutions by using system attributes that enable optimal functional performance

How we work?

We streamline the conventional design process (stage 2) by adding two complementary stages (1 & 3), leading to optimal solutions:

Our approach promotes positive, progressive thinking, significantly improving product performance, reliability and resulting in an ideal product output.

Our promise:

When you work with us, your results just get smarter.

Research has shown that when you invest greater resources in the idea process (25% rather than 15%, for example), output improves dramatically (by 70% or more).

In addition, we commit to:

  • More new concepts
  • Better performance
  • Higher quality
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Reduced risk of future harmful functions and flaws

We specialize in out-of-the-box thinking

We work with your team to enhance their capabilities during the design process.

This includes:

  • Refining the product brief + conducting design research to identify and optimize user requirements and scenarios
  • Formulating a design strategy to improve product performance, reduce costs and increase benefits
  • Training in the use of new thinking tools to increase inventive thinking
  • Helping to select a complementary professional team for the project
  • Providing a design research summary


We’re your active partners throughout the entire process, from the initial idea through an effective brief, all the way to successful implementation.

Our specialist expertise will guide as well as provide a comprehensive array of high-quality solutions for every step of the way:

  • Design research reports (on materials, technology, trends, etc.)
  • Conceptual sketches and models
  • Definition and refinement of design identity, based on brand values
  • Performance evaluations and validations of design outputs
  • & more – you name it, we’ll supply it

Our diverse clients:

  • Leading design and development firms looking to provide an expanded service portfolio
  • Corporations / startups / entrepreneurs / inventors seeking to focus and streamline the product development process in order to achieve optimal results
  • Academic institutions focused on implementing new thinking processes for design and engineering

Let’s create something remarkable together!

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