Handmade. Premium, Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh Light Lampshade from Alpha Collection, Natural Series Get 5% discount for purchasing 3 models or 10% for purchasing 5 models


Handmade. Premium, Flexible Mesh Light Lampshade from the Rosalin Collection, black Get 5% discount for purchasing 3 models or 10% for purchasing 5 models       

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PRANA FORMA a brand that reflects a holistic fusion of spirit in material. A connecting life energy that lends meaning and spiritual ambiance to physical elements and uses. In Hindu philosophy, PRANA is the life force that connects the sun with the elements. Our creativity occurs from a passion for craft and product design methods that reflects a minimalist approach, a traditional work through primary materials. The light crafting production is carried out in a limited series and the supply time varies based on the nature of the work.

The desire for harmony has spurred us to specialize in the creation of useful objects, objects that are heterogeneous in shape and material from which they are made, thereby blending in the environment.


The first collection focuses on light fixture creations that light a variety of spaces.

The object is characterized by lightness that balances classic and minimalist shapes, softness and a strong ability to fuse with the environment. The industrial look is rooted in the desire to remain faithful to simplicity, primacy material and the object construction form.

Zofit Berkowitz Weiss – Management & Customer Relations +972 52 486960
Alon Weiss – Product Design +972 50 8258206

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